Our Accounting professionals gather, coordinate, perform and audit accounting data. Their experience in the field favours operational coordination while ensuring compliance with the financial guidelines chosen by the company.


Listening to needs and expectations
Before starting their work, our consultants become intimately familiar with your current situation, salary management structure, tools used, comprehensibility of figures and needs.

Tailored offer
Once your requirements have been identified, we shall submit an offer to meet all your needs.

Adapted tools
Customisation of simple and effective tools allowing visibility on key figures, which can be analysed by department thanks to the expertise of our cost controllers, all sourced from operational trades in the hospitality and restaurant industry.

Flexible  implementation
We intervene and follow up on your request: Entry, reconciliation, closing, VAT settlement, financial statements, etc.


  • Business expertise
  • Timely monthly, quarterly, annual closing
  • Knowledge of accounting tools and techniques
  • Relevance of figures in Hospitality
  • Working time optimisation
  • Audit support Executions according to mandate
  • Suitable proposals

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