You are in the center of our concerns!
Our purchasing central consists of the very best suppliers in order to guarantee you innovative and competitive services. That’s how, during the whole year, we make sure to grant you price stability and regular quality of selected products. The panel of PHAR’s exclusive suppliers purchasing central – meets all your needs in term of food, no-food, beverage and unique services! Our qualified staff is at your disposal and provides full transparency. They work to find the best solution in order to adapt it to your mode of operation.

+ of PHAR

  • A single contact person specialized in the hotel-restaurant business.
  • Interesting financial conditions directly on bill and/or in the form of annual returns.
  • Gains and personalised advices to optimise your organisation of purchases or internal work method.
  • Services and professional support free of charged offered by our suppliers (training, advices, innovation, etc).
  • Professional help for one-time purchases, for seeking suppliers or specific products.