Financial health and safety !
Phar- Private hospitals is setting up modern and innovative tools to optimize the processes and garanteeing the sustainability of the establishment. Using the existing human resources and make them aware of the importance of self-checking in the businesses.
Based on a solid experience in the field our experts analyze the existing processes, determine the priorities and suggest specific interventions associating the management and the staff of the company. Our aim is to cut down administration fees, reduce invoicing errors and improve the productivity. Implementation of control also garantees traceability of all products used in the medical field.

+ of PHAR

  • A competent, neutral and loyal external collaborator.
  • Audited by the existing internal processes (purchases, inventory managements, inventories, invoicing).
  • Fix the priorities of our interventions (hotel service, pharmacy, pool of care or operating blocks).
  • To maximize the flows of communication and the exchanges between departments (decrease of the administrative costs).
  • Control and support for purchases (specifications suppliers, calls for tenders, purchasing strategy).
  • Simplify the integration of computer companies such as