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Our values, our commitment

Our collaborators represent the heart of our company, we make every effort so that they can evolve in a serene and rewarding climate. We also favor the personal fulfillment in the form of internal or external in-service training.
The foundations of our company are, the respect for our contractual, financial and moral commitments.

  • We operate with integrity, honesty and transparency towards our partners.
  • We refrain ourselves from any external communication of personal data which we have on our suppliers or members
  • We develop all activities in the respect for the legislation and for the regulations in force
  • We act on the market to revitalize it and support the growth of our various partners
  • We innovate new and attractive services for our members
  • We favor the exchanges and the meetings between the diverse market players
  • We propose suppliers leaders in their branch, susceptible to bring you long-lasting and creative solutions
  • We are for your listening and analyze all remarks or suggestions to contribute to the growth and to the development of our business sector